Tuesday, March 9, 2010

8. Reflect on the field trip to ECHO. In what ways can people change the way they grow and process food in order to be sustainable? What organic foods

The ECHO field trip was really interesting to me. The whole time I was their I just couldn’t understand how they were growing all of these different crops. We would be in a spot where they grew bamboo that was strong enough to use for housing, then right next to us there would be a patch of land where they were growing bananas and tomatoes. That alone made the field trip fun for me. At first I was thinking to myself, well this is nice but how many different plants can you see? The field trip became a lot more interesting to me as we went on. I especially loved the part where they were growing stuff out of tires. That was simply amazing!

We can grow foods organically to make it healthier and more sustainable. I also think it would help us to only produce the amount necessary for us. We are using so many of our resources because the population is increasing so rapidly.

I can find just about any type of organic food at Publix. This stems from organic chicken, milk, cheese, to pasta sauce and potato chips. I wish organic foods were a bit cheaper to buy because I would purchase them instead of the normal groceries. Interesting fact I learned in my Business Strategy class, when you go to the store in Germany, basically everything on the shelves is classified as Organic. If a food is NOT organic then it is considered “different”, my professor is from Germany and he was talking about that yesterday in class so I felt like it went along with this topic.

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