Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9. List all the items you handle in 24 hours and the packages they come in and list all the food you eat in 24 hours and the packages it comes in, and

Simply because it is so fresh in my mind, I am going to use yesterday as my sample for this activity.

Yesterday I woke up and ate a pack of cinnamon sugar pop tarts. It came in a foil type package. I have been eating them for years, and because of this I know that each pop tart is 120 calories, making the package as a whole 240 calories. For lunch I ate 2 banana’s, according to weight loss for all.com each banana has approximately 107 calories, so that would be 214 calories for lunch, bringing my grand total to 454. For dinner I went out to Panera Bread with a friend. According to their website, there are 560 calories in their chicken Caesar salad, which is what I ate. This brings my grand total to 1014 calories. Before I went to bed last night I had a Rice Crispy Treat, which is 90 calories, so when you add that on my total for the day was 1104. I drink water throughout the day, there are no calories in water so that’s why there was not any drinks included. This is a fairly light eating day for me. Normally I have a bigger lunch but yesterday I was swamped with homework so I just decided to grab a couple banana’s from star bucks.

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