Tuesday, April 6, 2010

11. . Reflect on the field trip to Matanzas Pass Preserve and Estero Bay Historic Cottage

The field trip to Matanzas pass preserve was another interesting field trip. The dynamic elements that shape the island are the well developed public use facilities including an the Estero Bay Historic Cottage, boardwalks, trails and the canoe/kayak landing. According to Lee County parks and recreation website, there are 56 acres and 1.25 miles of trails. The use of the island has most definitely changed over time. Years ago, Calusa Indians lived on Estero Island and would use the islands resources to build homes, provide food, and develop infrastructure. It is now used as a tourist site for people that is surrounded by hotels, condominiums and restaurants. In my opinion, Lee County uses Estero Island as a means of generating a positive economic impact for the local community. I do not feel that its current use is sustainable. Thousands of people travel to Estero Island each year, I have always felt the more people in a place, the less chance their is for environmental sustainability. New hotels and stores are being developed each year there. The added pollution from construction to this environment is not sustainable and in my opinion, I feel they will eventually remove the historic sites of Estero Island such as the Historic Cottage, so they can build more condominiums and hotels to generate more money. If this were to happen, this would obviously not be very sutainable!

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