Tuesday, April 6, 2010

15. Debriefing entry

At first I had a hard time creating meaning out of this course, but when I started to really pay attention in class and evalutate the topics we discussed in class each week it really made me think. I'm glad I decided to put forth some effort in this class, because I truly did learn alot and I'll take this knowledge with me in the future. Most of the classes that I have taken here at FGCU, the goal was simply to "get through it", and because of this I would rarely put the time in to really learn about the topics being discussed. I now have a new respect for the environment and the various issues we discussed in class. A good example of how this has effected my personal life, is in the past I would never think to turn off lights or appliances in my apartment because I simply did not care to do so. Now I make a conscious effort to do so on a daily basis because I know that every little contribution helps, and although I may not see the impact of me turning off lights or recylcing my disposals, I know that I am doing the right thing. In class today when you showed us the "Smart Strip", I truly thought that was a cool thing, something I plan on having in my apartment. Before this class began, I would have never even considered using something like that. That alone should speak volumes as to what I have learned in the class and how successful you have been as a professor. The highpoints of the class were definitely the field trips, it was a great learning experience to go out in the environment and have the opportunity to see these places. It really made me appreciate the environment more. For instance, when you walk around campus here at FGCU, most people don't think to stop and look at how beaufitul of a campus we have. After taking this course, I will sometimes look around and just enjoy my surroundings. Another major highpoint was my service learning experience at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. It was amazing to have the opportunity to be that close to the different forms of wildlife found in the sanctuary. Seeing a pod of baby alligators a few feet from me is something I will never forget. The main lowlight/suggestion I would have for the course is to cut down on the papers. I can see the importance of each and understand why they are assigned to us, but I know that most students just felt it was a bit too much. If we had two papers throughout the semester, I think you would see better quality of work from everyone because students would understand that they only had two chances to show you their best work. When there are too many papers/blogs, people will just rush through them in order to complete everything. Other than that I enjoyed the course and am glad I signed up to take it with you. You teach the class in a very organized fashion and seeing your passion for the course material truly does rub off on your students. When students see that their professor is excited and cares about being in class, it encourages them to do the same. I hope you are able to receive good feedback from everyone in the class. Thanks for being a great professor!

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