Tuesday, April 6, 2010

14. Reflect upon your observations as to how well FGCU is doing as an institution with a mission that includes modeling best sustainability practices.

FGCU is doing great in regards to its sustainability practices. They have implemented many programs on campus that encourage sustainability. A few examples of this would be the new water fountains located all over campus and the solar panel field. The new fountains encourage students to fill their water bottles up with water instead of using new bottles each time, using more and more resources. I for one started using these fountains, and have had the same water bottle in my backback for a couple months now. If everyone does their part, we can have a big impact on sustainibility. The solar fields is also a huge sustainability practice. Before taking this class, I was honestly very upset that the university decided to construct the solar field. I used to always think, why not make a football team or build a new recreation center or do something else that people would really care about. But now I understand that FGCU was making a good choice, because that decision promotes sustainability. These are just a couple examples of how FGCU is doing its part to increase its sustainability practices. In the future, I'm sure there are many more plans for other environmentally conscious projects that the university will undertake.

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